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How to Unbanned your ROS Account

How to Unbanned your Permanently Banned ROS Account

- ROS-PC Banned Account
- Android 5.1
- Smartphone
- Rules of Survival Mobile App

so now, i will explain how to unbanned.

Open the Rules of Survival in PC
and Don't login your banned account.
So if you see the QR Code. Pabayaan nyo lang.

Open your Rules of survival Mobile, Login and Bind your Permanently Banned account in ROS-PC pick if you want, Google or Facebook.

so now if done binding. Just click the Scan QR/Login PC down. Then Scan the QR Code in the ROS PC. and now your account is unbanned.

Note: Pag ni Login mo ang Account mo sa Google ba or Facebook dun sa ROS PC, wala parin kase Permanently banned paren. pero pag iscan mo dun sa ROS PC QR Code, dun na ang unbanned account mo.

Lahat ng Items, Coins, Fragments ay mawawala except sa Rank.

If you banned again from cheating, No other ways to unban you account back.

So be patient.

Watch the Full Video sa baba para maintindihan nyo.

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